We know these people, neighbors who come each morning to build these boats.  Second and third generations of families now crafting the fifth generation of Cobalts.

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A flawless gelcoat reflects happy faces accurately enough, the folks standing there in varied smiles of admiration.

And what, exactly, do they see? In the slightest shift of point-of-view, The Cobalt Experience adjusts to the demands of the moment, the rewards of right here, right now. It does not happen by accident, this immediate wish-fulfillment, this seamless meeting of multiple individual needs by just one boat.

Not one bit by accident, these runabouts and cruisers, whose purposeful design and meticulous construction underscore the exact nature of the relationship among builders, dealers, owners, and those thoughtful people about to know the Cobalt Experience for the first time. As each insists on excellence above all, the Experience takes shape.

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The Owners  
The Dealers  
The Owners To Be  
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