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It has been said that would-be Cobalt owners “aspire” to their new boats. They project, and they plan. They imagine that first long weekend on the water. But amid all that aspiration, they’re entitled to some wonder at well. “I wonder if Cobalts can really be as dependable as advertised?” “I wonder if Cobalts honestly do hold their value?”

At Cobalt, we believe that “warranty” is a lawyerly substitute for “promise.” We understand fully the implications of the latter word. And frankly, we prefer its description of what it means to tell the truth. We like its assurance of a knowledgeable, concerned Cobalt associate waiting at the other end of a telephone line to deal honestly, compassionately, and very, very personally with the problem of the moment.

We’ve rewritten our Cobalt warranty this model year. We’ve extended its implications and tightened its obligations while preserving, we trust, its fundamental and unchanging and everywhere integrity.

Neodesha, Kansas is a small town, smaller still in its righteous insistence that the right hand know exactly what the left hand might be up to. Neodesha, is no place to dissemble. Or hedge. Don’t evade or stall, please. And no quibbling, because we have precious few bushes to beat around here. The revised Cobalt warranty, covering every boat that rolls out of these city limits, was written in downtown Neodesha, Kansas.

You will not need an attorney to know exactly what a Cobalt warranty means. Mostly, it means “longer.”

What once were components covered for one or two years have now been made components covered for a full three years.

Boaters thinking about the purchase of a new Cobalt should remember that for the seventh consecutive year of, for every year of, the J.D. Power and Associates’ Boat Competitive Information Study, Cobalt Boats has earned the firm’s prestigious “Highest in Customer Satisfaction” designation for large runabouts (20-29 feet).

A business as competitive, as progressive as the marine industry understood a long time ago that warranties, and warranties alone, make the purchase of a boat both immediately and ultimately reassuring: to the degree that the purchase decision is protected by legal language of heft and consequence, new owners may move on to appreciate such other points of boaterly interest as leather steering wheels, stainless-steel backing plates, and walk-thru transoms set next to integrated swim platforms. Point of fact: the Cobalt warranty has become an entire industry’s model. “Here’s what you should be doing with your warranty if you truly want to improve your customers’ satisfaction with your product,” it seems to say, this new Cobalt warranty, a set of guarantees that reads just like the promise of an old, an old and trusted friend.

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Cobalt Boats received the highest numerical score for large runabouts (20-29 feet) in the proprietary J.D. Power and Associates 2001-2003 and 2005-2009 Boat Competitive Information Studies™ 2009 Study based on 9,718 total responses, and measures 10 large runabout brands and owner opinions of 2007 and 2008 model year boats registered June 2007-May 2008. Includes fiberglass family runabouts 20-29 feet with open or closed bows, mostly sterndrive, some outboard. Proprietary study results are based on experiences and perceptions of owners surveyed September-October 2008. Your experiences may vary.

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