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Retail dealers are the eyes and ears, and occasionally the imagination, of a manufacturing plant. In the exchanges of the sales cycle, boat dealers learn and relearn the needs and wishes of the boating public and, in doing so, dealers both determine and report the Cobalt Experience.

Cobalt owners come to know their boats at points of sensory contact: in the welcome touch of an armrest, in the warmth of a decorative wood, in the crisp legibility of a helm’s gauge, in the immediacy of a switch flipped. A dealers’ sales presentation can only ask the customer to look out ahead a ways, to anticipate the peaceful, easy feelings of an ideal afternoon on big water. But in walking a family through their new Cobalt, in asking them to, please, sit here in a lounge seat adjustable fore or aft, the dealer demonstrates how the experience of ten thousand other families has come now to shape their own.

The Cobalt interior has become a recognizable classic because of evolutionary good taste, revolutionary good sense all around -- from the casual elegance of everywhere two-toned upholstery to the multifunctional positioning of the flip-lip seats, from the modulated blast of the Sony stereo speakers to the burled woods of the dash. There’s substance here, palpable in the places where strength matters, as in the roto-cast bases of the seats, for example, impervious in their rejection of water. As in the dining tables, their functionality ready and waiting for an impromptu lunch, their further functionality stowing it away easily and immediately. There’s style here too, subtle and suggestive, as in the inhaled cedar of a hanging locker’s lining. As the thoughtful Cobalt dealer points to such details, a next generation of Cobalt owners comes to understand how marine engineering begins in a straight seam, how artistry meets ergonomics in the total enjoyment of a boat.

Because Cobalt dealers know Cobalt boats as well as do Cobalt’s own associates, these proven marine retailers can take prospective Cobalt owners below the fiberglass, down into the subsurface details of design that ensure a boat’s longevity and reliability. These dealers, for example, they can explain the structural importance, the long-term impact of Cobalt’s integrated swim platforms. They can explain to everyone’s edification why this new manufacturing methodology, at once bold and subtle, is representative of Cobalt thinking in general, out where the evolutionary becomes revolutionary. Beneath the historic walk-thru ease of the transom lies, Cobalt dealers will tell you, a better way of doing things.

In the dual role of student and teacher, a Cobalt dealer redoubles the integrity of the boat builders in Neodesha. In the full and accurate description of a Cobalt’s possibilities, the dealer supports a decision made consciously by every Cobalt customer: “I want to own the very best.” And then in the service that must follow the decision, the dealer discovers again how the best gets better, how next model year together, boat builder and boat dealer, might ratchet up a little closer to perfection.

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