Monday, February 20, 2012

Setting the Industry Standard


Imitation, the old saying goes, is the purest form of flattery.  For a boat manufacturer – no, for a bunch of boat manufacturers – to copy Cobalt ideas can be downright up-puffing.  And so, you’ll please forgive the folks in Neodesha for a quick mention of the ways in which they’ve been imitated, the Cobalt innovations that have gone on to become industry standards.

All perfectly legal, you understand, this borrowing of what once were fundamental differentiations in the design and building of these boats.  Legal after a sufficient period of exclusivity, and therefore and thereafter  flattering.  Over the years, would-be competitors have seen the wisdom of metal backing plates installed in the fiberglass below hardware on the deck, multiplying the strength, increasing the longevity of hard-working cleats and eyes and rails. Cobalt has added muscle and bone to the most vulnerable areas in a boat’s design – at the bow, for instance, where the now-legendary Cobalt scuff plate stands guard.  And everywhere, deep down in the fiberglass behind every bolt, every screw on every hardware attachment, there rides plated reinforcement, ruggedness belied by the friendly reflections of a perfect gelcoat.

And next time you pass by a Cobalt windshield, pause for a moment to understand the stresses inevitably applied there.  Feel the cold rigidity of the stainless steel designed everywhere in the windshield, its mounting, and its supports.  Know that Cobalt has anticipated the worst, has designed the best possible resistance to wind, to the force of years of happy use of your boat.  Next week, we’ll talk about the often, if unsuccessfully, copied Cobalt ride, an extended story in itself.  Stay strong, you who go down to the sea.


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