Tuesday, May 27, 2014

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We can all agree that social media has changed the way people communicate. What better way to embrace the social scene than by connecting with the people and companies that matter most?

Cobalt Boats wants to invite you to “Like” our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter, subscribe to our very own YouTube channel – engage with us and see more of what you love! Each and every day, we’re posting photos, videos, footage and boating tips to our social channels.

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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

New Feature Items Online


First and foremost, Cobalt is proud to announce the launch of the new A40. This new sport yacht is designed for power and performance, combined with the elegance and luxury that is found in every model. Take a look at the new music video as well as the 360 virtual tour. These new features give you an up-close-and-personal view, only second to seeing this spectacular boat in person. Be sure to take a few moments and watch the joystick control and twin engine solutions video found here.

The second new feature to the Cobalt website is the 2014 Cobalt Full Line brochure, available for download today. This is your chance to marvel and learn more about all of your favorite boat models, just in time for boating season. The downloadable PDF presents stunning photography that is just as striking online as it is in person. Large graphics, vibrant colors and detailed spec information widened across your screen, giving you immediate access to boat models, accessories and amenities. This massive, thorough PDF is an exact replica of the hard copy so you won’t miss even a page! But just in case you want a hard copy for the desk or coffee table, you can request the brochure to be sent directly to your home!

Simply go to our home page and click on the picture of the couple that says “The New 2014 Brochure Download Now”. Then fill out the form, click submit and download the brochure of your dreams. Literally!

Lastly, don’t forget to download your favorite Cobalt model wallpaper for your computer! Head over to the Download Library to view all the wallpaper options for your personal or work computer, as well as your tablet or mobile device. Customize and showcase your very own Cobalt dream boat. It’s a simple way to relive the best memories and look forward to the ones yet to be made.


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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Darlene Briggs Woman of the Year Awarded to Gordy's Boats Associate


It is with great pleasure and excitement that Cobalt Boats congratulates Rallee Whowell-Chupich from Gordy’s Boats, who was recognized for her lifelong commitment to customer care and excellence in the marine industry. The Darlene Briggs Woman of the Year award was presented to Whowell at the Marine Dealer Conference.

The award is in honor of the late Darlene Briggs, of Wayzata, Minn., who was admired for her tireless dedication to the marine industry. To honor her memory, the Darlene Briggs Woman of the Year award was founded in 1987. It is presented annually to an outstanding woman who is actively involved in the marine industry at any level. It recognizes "long and devoted service, untiring commitment, and the advancement of women in the marine business."

Each woman who applies has to be nominated by either her dealership or affiliate. These nominated women are active in the marine industry either from manufacturing or retail, but also active in the industry and local community. Family and personal accomplishments are also of key importance.

Once nominated, the application is completed and submitted to the selection committee.  The recipient is recognized at the Marine Dealer Conference at a luncheon and presented an award and a monetary gift for further education.

This is a highly sought after award for active women in the industry and Cobalt Boats congratulates Whowell on this monumental achievement. We would like to recognize that the award was passed from the 2012 Woman of the Year, Cobalt’s own Debbie Meigs. Debbie has been a loyal and amazing Cobalt associate for 40 years, and is a customer care specialist.  Cobalt congratulates these women for being the best of the best, and we look forward to carrying on Cobalt’s tradition of excellence for many years to come.


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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Cobalt Hosts Ride and Drive Event During Dealer Conference


Cobalt Boats held a very successful “Ride and Drive” customer event at The Vinoy Renaissance in St. Petersburg, FL on Sunday, September 8, 2013. During the event there were 14 Cobalt boats available to demonstrate, and participants were able to take the helm of the Cobalt model of their choice as they experienced the award winning Cobalt ride. Over 200 invited guests were some of the first to take a sneak peek at the new 2014 boat line, which includes the Water Sport Series, Cruisers, SD Series, A Series and the R3 and R7 Bowriders. This amazing display of 2014 models was showcased by official Cobalt representatives, along with a team of technicians from Mercury and Volvo. “The event was an amazing success. It was such a pleasure to share the Cobalt story with customers from around the country at a convenient and luxurious location” said Gavan Hunt, VP of Sales and Marketing at Cobalt.

In conjunction with the event, Cobalt held its annual dealer meeting conference at the Vinoy Resort and Golf
Club in St. Petersburg, Florida. The conference brought together dealers from across the globe to experience
what’s in store for the upcoming 2014 model year. The packed agenda featured a spectacular introduction
of the new 2014 models aboard “Yacht Starship”, Florida’s largest dining yacht. Discussion centered on the
new R Series introductions which included the R3, R5 WSS and R7. In addition, the 2014 model year will
showcase the new 220S, featuring innovative seating design. Dealers were also enlightened by the dynamic
keynote speech from Sam Dantzler, who shared key insights on sales strategies and critical issues facing
today’s recreational retailers.


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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Cobalt Boats Recognize Top Dealers during 2014 Dealer Meeting


Cobalt Boats recently completed a very successful Worldwide Dealer Conference at the Vinoy Resort in St. Petersburg, FL. Over 350 Cobalt Dealer participants from across North America and other International locations traveled to St. Petersburg. “We are proud to have such a fantastic group of dealer partners join us as we celebrate a successful season” says Gavan Hunt, VP of Sales and Marketing at Cobalt Boats.  “Our dealers provided us the opportunity to have a record-setting year at Cobalt, and our dealer meeting this year had the feel of a victory celebration.”

In addition to the launch of the new 2014 Cobalt Boats, the top dealers were commended for their past year’s accomplishments. Cobalt Boats is proud to announce the recipients of the 2013 model year dealer awards. This prestigious recognition of the outstanding dedication to customer satisfaction by the Cobalt dealers remains a key highlight to the company’s annual dealer event. This year’s awards for excellence in Customer Care, Cobalt Captain’s Awards, Top Ten Dealers, Rookie of the Year and World’s Largest Cobalt Dealer were presented during the meeting.

Cobalt’s Customer Care Program, implemented in 1975, has proven to be a great tool in tracking product as well as dealer performance. Cobalt’s newest refinement of the Customer Care Program, the Cobalt CSI Ambassador, utilizes Net Promoter Scores worldwide and focuses on the importance of customer referrals. The Top Ten awards are based on a combination of the CSI score and hard-fought sales volume. The World’s Largest Cobalt Dealer, the number one spot in the Top Ten Dealer awards, for the second year in a row, went toCobalt Boats of Atlanta, LLC - Singleton Marine Group.

Austin Singleton, Anthony Aisquith, and their team pride themselves on excellence during the entire sales and service experience. The remaining Top Ten Dealer awards, presented respectively:

        Arrowhead Yacht Club & Boat Sales

        Slalom Shop

        Gordy’s Lakefront Marina

        Park’s Marina

        Premier Marina Inc.

        Seattle Boat Company

        Boats by George

        San Ramon Boat Center

        Walker’s Point Marina

Also honored were the Customer Satisfaction Award recipients based on the Cobalt Ambassador Scoring System. Cobalt recognized more than 71% of the dealer organization in the 2013 model year for their excellent CSI scores, their utilization of the Net Promoter System striving for continuous improvement in the services they offer and building business through satisfied customers. Every year a single dealership receives an award which represents a special effort to ensure customer satisfaction and as a result, increases their CSI score.

The 2013 Most Improved CSI Award was presented to Boatcity – The Netherlands.

The top CSI honors for the Central sales region was also the Worldwide CSI Award winner. This award was presented to Gordy’s Lakefront Marina, Lake Geneva, WS and Fox Lake, IL.

The Western Region CSI honors went to Great Lakes Marine, Littleton, CO.

The South Eastern CSI award went to Rambo Marine in Northern Alabama.

The North Eastern Region CSI Award was a tie, and was presented to Bill’s Marine Service – Deep Creek, MD, and Travis Marine, Knoxville, TN.

The Regional CSI Award for International went to Brunnert – Grimm - Switzerland.

 Rookie of the Year Award is given to the first year dealer with top ranking sales, and this year’s winner was The Boathouse of Cape Coral, FL.

In addition to the dealer awards, Cobalt recognizes those sales personnel who are top performers worldwide as a “Cobalt Captain”.

The Cobalt Captains for 2013 are listed below:

·         Darin Partello, Parks Marina

·         Tony Essler, Rayburns Marine

·         Dan Lemieux, East Coast Flight Craft

·         Justin Shields, Singleton Marine Group

·         Justin Giroux, Gordy's Lakefront Marine

·         Kirk Streed, Village Marina

·         Jeff Gibbs, Clinton Marine

·         Randy Tague, Lake Viking Marine

·         Johan Iwanowski, Causeway Marine

·         Lex Rambo, Rambo Marine

·         Bruce Reid, Walker's Point Marina

Cobalt Boats would again like to thank all the dealers that helped make this year’s Breakthrough Performance Dealer Meeting a huge success. From the dedicated dealers to the associates,to the hands that build these boats, Cobalt appreciates and applaudsthe tremendous hard work that goes into creating the best boat on the water. Congratulations to all of our dealers as we look forward to the new 2014 model year with confidence and pride. 


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