|runabout|runabout boats|performance boats|bowrider Widely recognized as the premier builder of runabout boats, Cobaltís line-up includes bow rider and cuddy cabin models. Cobalt achieved near-perfect levels of satisfaction among its owners, ranking Highest in Customer Satisfaction with Runabout Boats .

In announcing the arrival of Cobalt's growing line of runabouts and performance cruisers, Elite Marine's Enzo Pianelli reiterated his company's commitment to a true one-stop destination for boaters' needs. This Cobalt Bowrider is a Fresh Water Boat in excellent condition, Cobalt is a builder of high-quality runabout Boats. Cobalt is on of the leaders in deep-V hull design.

Cobalt Boats is one of the oldest privately held runabout manufacturers in the United States established in 1968 by Pack St. Clair. They build runabout boats ranging in length from 20 to 36 feet from their world headquarters in Neodesha, Kansas. Yacht style quality and construction designed into runabout boats continues to be the hallmark of the company. For more information on runabouts visit or call 1-800-468-5764.

New family runabout boats, perfect for fishing and water-sports, and, just like cars, boats can be financed. Completely waterproof design makes this a great choice for the weekend angler, runabout boats, sail boats and long term storage.

Poundings of the heart come infrequently enough these days. No fault of the new Cobalt runabout boats, as accommodating, as welcoming, as exciting a craft as ever a boater might wish. Here are runaboat boats designed for expanse, comfort, easy accessibility, and the best of times. Walk-around room is everywhere. The elegant simplicity of Cobalt design everywhere too.

At the marina, the runabout boats are a study in boating classicism. At cruise, this runabout boats something else again, and multiple, multiple choices wait with the powerplants. New runabout boats owners can match horspower to their usual on-water activities, picking MercCruiser blocks from 260 horsepower to a windswept 425 horsepower. Volvo Penta motors bring along horsepower ratings stretching from 270 to 420 horsepower. Altogether, those runabout boats are powertrain for everyone.

Each year, with the introduction of one new runabout boats after another, the basics may seem to slip away, the fundamental strengths of construction that have underpinned every Cobalt ever built. Even as Cobalt engineers sought to extend the horizon of whatís possible are runabout boats that act like a deck boat, they knew that traditional Cobalt standards of safety, performance, and structural integrity would never, ever be compromised. And so the new runabout boats with all the little perfections of Cobalt manufacturing process onboard.

The transom of the runabout boats is all-composite. The stringers, rigged for maximized strength and flexibility, are all-fiberglass, as is the cockpit liner deck. Kevlar reinforces the hull. Stainless steel is used in those runabout boats and remains the metal of choice Ė in the windshield braces, in the scuffplates and cleats, in the ladders and backing plates, wherever style and studliness matter.

Always, across decades of models introduced after models introduced, the core of the runabout boats has never changed. Always, the technology of the moment. Always, individual craftspeople demonstrating day after day that, together, they are the best runabout boats builders in the world. The 272 is the logical product of this legacy. Spacious and athletic, its amenities integrated in a functional package of comfort and convenience, those runabout boats are establishing new direction in the bowrider market.

Donít forget whoís taking you home. Save the last dance for the runabout boats.
A melding of romance and subtle technology, the runabout boats rides alone, a performance cruiser like no other on the water today. Itís intimate in its luxury, with all the amenities of a yacht. At the same time, the runabout boats involves all the thrills of a sportboat, assertive and irresistible in the throb of serious horsepower.

Like all Cobalts, the runabout boats represents the gathering of hundreds of details, each exactly right, culminating in the comfort, the power, and the proven reliability that only a highly evolved boat can guarantee. The runabout boats have it all: head-turning style in what has quickly become one of the most identifiable profiles on the bay; all the appurtenances of the good life afloat from refrigerators to custom countertops to theatrical-grade sound systems; the navigational tools for open ocean cruises; a cabin quiet beyond belief, muted in its elegance, understated in the accomplishment of functional ends; a masterful sense of control from the captainís point of view in a ride impeccable in its smoothness and stability even on acceleration, in turns, and in rough water and strong winds.

The runabout boats wait to take you somewhere far, far away, to a place apart, an island of your own devising. And then those runabout boat swill bring you safely, happily on toward home.

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