|runabout|runabout boats|performance boats|bowrider If you like me to assist you with your luxury speed boats choice, please send us an e-mail with your questions and enquiries. You may also view a number of selected by us luxury spped boats. The Cobalt classic sports boat, represents the pinnacle of luxury sports boats.

Cobalt boats is a manufacturer of high speed performance and luxury boats. Thousands of luxury speed boats and yachts for sale worldwide. All our luxury speed boats comply to the latest standards in the navigaton and safety equipment. Thanks to regular inspections we ensure that all our luxury speed boats are fully functional and ready for use whenever we take you onbard.

All of these outstanding features give our luxury speed boats greater resistance to adverse elements and wear. New and used luxury power boats for sale by power boat type. Power luxury speed boats combine style, comfort and luxury. This luxury power boat modern full hull shape, with a long waterline and horizontal skeg aft, gives you all of the most desired performance characteristics, sure handling and easy motion, together with competition speed and a well balanced helm.

Manufactures custom, high-performance speed and racing luxury speed boats. Purchase new or pre-owned models and accessories.
Buying a luxury speed boat, be it a luxury yacht or a motorboat, means you have a suitable boat at your disposal for a limited period of time, without all the worries. Naturally there are as many kinds of luxury speed boat dealers as there are kinds of boats present on the market, from small luxury boats for coastal trips to super-yachts, suitable for challenging cruises to be enjoyed in comfort and luxury.

These amazing luxury speed boats personify. speed, power and presence. The ultimate in refinement, each of the Cobalt luxury speed boat is customised for its owner, and yet also benefits from our long production experience in proving the effectiveness of every element of its construction. Besides being the largest yachts in the Cobalt range, these luxury sped boats retains the distinctive style and planing hull shape that guarantees true performance.

We have the typical Cobalt luxury speed boats available for your pleasure or we have luxury speed boats for those interested in upgrading services. Fiberglass luxury speed boats have hulls that are made from a material called fiberglass, which is similar to plastic, but much stronger. Their whole bodies are constructed by this material and there are no air filled tubes like the ones in luxury boats. Fiberglass luxury speed boats also have sub divisions. These speed boats are categorized according to their uses.

These luxury speed boats have a large open deck surrounding an center console, there's plenty of room for you to move freely around the deck. Luxury speed boats are also called performance boats because of their high efficiency. Bow riders are luxury comfort boats.

These boats are not as fast as luxury speed boats but they are have more room and comfort. Luxury speed yacht vacations provide an unsurpassed taste of freedom, elegance and style. We would like to buy luxury speed boats with the following specifications. Why not take one of the four jet-skis for a spin or a guided tour in one of our two high-speed boats?

Whether you are looking for motor boats, luxury speed boats, yachts or sail boats, we can accommodate your request. A luxury speed boat is ready to fulfill your wishes for skiing or going ashore. Classically narrow and super-long luxury speed boats, spraying water from their long-shafted propellers, race up and down the river.

There are many luxury speed boats in today’s market trying to compete with the elegance, and presence of the Cobalt boats. No matter what your taste may be, from luxury speed yachts to power boats, Cobalt can always assure you the best quality. What prompted you to be the first to build this type of luxury speed yacht?

The advantage for us is to be able to produce all the speed luxury boats we need, at our level of quality and speed, which was becoming difficult in Italy where many shipyards with large luxury speed boats turn to suppliers for the hulls, to outside sub-contractors doing metal structural work.

Series offers yachting enthusiasts a full range of possibilities from high-speed luxury speed boats to luxury fishing machines to glamorous cruising yachts. This is a luxury boat made by perfectionists for perfectionists. When these luxury boats pick up speed, a lot of neophytes just basically roll around on deck.

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