|runabout|runabout boats|performance boats|bowrider The craft has a fibreglass bow cover which can be removed to leave an open bowrider boat. This bowrider boat was kept in a slip all summer, than stored away valet style in the winter. How to reupholster a complete bowrider boat? The statistical process control that monitors the production of fiberglass is a perfect example of Cobalt bowrider boat quality assurance at work.

Cobalt bowrider boat's exclusive, multifaceted approach to fiberglass construction is fundamental to the bowrider boats' value in the long term and to their performance and aesthetic appeal in the mean time. Here's absolute dependability with no sacrifice of structural strength in one-piece construction of deck surfaces, interior side walls, and a floor reinforced with Nida-Core, a honeycomb synthetic that will quickly prove its superiority to either plywood or balsa. Cobalt's bowrider boat lamination schedule calls for seven alternating layers of fiberglass mat and woven roving, each hand-laid, with double thickness at the keel.

The gelcoat is a principal ingredient of these bowrider boats' beauty, particularly in the graphics. Gelcoat graphics which evolve, protected and brilliant, as an integral part of the finish, unlike easily damaged tape graphics. Cobalt's Armorflex 952 gelcoat offers superior repairability, matchless clarity, and high-gloss buffback, with blister resistance far superior to standard gelcoats used in a bowrider boat.

Cobalt bowrider boat has long used technologies developed in other industries. Every bowrider boat, bar none, spends its time in the test tank before leaving the factory. Cobalt bowrider boat interiors distinguish themselves by their spaciousness, their obvious luxury, and the fit and trim of finishes that only true hand craftsmanship can produce.

Walk-thru doors are standard features of every Cobalt bowrider boat interior, not optional equipment as with other manufacturers. As with all bowrider boats storage spaces, it's meticulously finished, the details of its workmanship as carefully completed as the open, public spaces on the boat. Where other manufacturers use plastic dashes, our bowrider boat demands the same integrity of construction for the helm as for other Cobalt fiberglass components.

The leather tilt steering wheel has become a Cobalt bowrider boat tradition. Comfortable and reassuring, with the unmistakable feel of imported Italian leather, it stands at the heart of legendary Cobalt bowrider boat handling and smooth, easy control.

Every experienced boater knows that 90% of electrical problems originate in the grounding, and so bowrider boat electrical systems are double-grounded: first at the engine and then again at the dash. Bowrider boat owners appreciate this redundancy, this backed-up reliability that forestalls the loss of lights or, worse, becoming stranded far from shore.

Each bowrider boat model operates with a custom-designed wiring harness. Expect single-wire runs with no butt splices and with all necessary wiring in place to support any set of a bowrider boat optional equipment. Bowrider boat's color coding has been consistent for years and will remain so, maybe forever. All connectors in a bowrider boat are machine-crimped for long term reliability and quick-connect for ease in servicing.

Most owner manuals for our bowrider boat are still available, if not an original, a copy can be provided. Contact your local bowrider boat dealer and supply them with your Cobalt serial number. The transaction, in most cases, can take place via the telephone and the manual for the bowrider boat can be drop shipped to you with the use of a credit card for payment.

Cobalt bowrider boat will strive to keep all parts for a minimum of seven years however vendor constraints do play a part in this. Contrary to this statement, Cobalt bowrider boat does keep emblems and decals in stock dating back to the 1971 model year. To obtain part information, contact your local Cobalt bowrider boat dealer and supply them with your Cobalt serial number.

Any Mercury or Volvo servicing dealer can perform routine maintenance, winterization, summerization or engine work on your Cobalt bowrider boat. If your Cobalt is still under warranty, Cobalt bowrider boat would prefer you take your Cobalt to an authorized Cobalt dealer for boat related repairs. If you have moved, contact your selling Cobalt dealer for further information about Cobalt bowrider boatdealers in your new boating area.

Dry weights are listed in the Cobalt bowrider boat Owner Manual for 1996 and newer. Previous to 1996, you can find dry weight in the model year brochure for your particular model Cobalt bowrider boat. Dry weight is the weight of the boat with the smallest engine available in that model. You can estimate the additional weight of a bigger engine by adding 150 lbs. to each block increment for your bowrider boat.

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